Pigs may or may not fly, but goats really do climb trees!

We have having fun with some new Video Shorts - only 15 seconds long that tell a bit about our products and our company.  Here is one I love - it shows one of the very first steps in the traditional harvesting process of Argan Nut for the creation of edible or cosmetic Argan Oil.

Pigs may or may not fly, but goats certainly climb trees in Morocco.  And why you ask do they climb trees - well one tree in particular.  The Argan Spinosa - or Argan Tree that is native only to Western Morocco.   Imagine, no where else on earth doe this unique and ancient tree successfully grow.   And it is endangered due largely to the encroachment of the Sahara, but also stress from burning for local communities farming and heating needs.  This large area is now a UNESCO protected environment and communities have found harvesting the nuts from these trees is far more valuable than they could have ever imagined.  But, I digress.....

The goats so love the Argan nut they actually climb these trees which are m…

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask for your feet?

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask for your feet?

That's right.  It is easy, fast and a great way to clean and soften your feet.  Just mix a small bowl of organic Moroccan Ghassoul and spread a thin layer on the soles of your feet.  Leave to dry.  It is a very relaxing and sensuous feeling.  The clay treats the bottom of your tired feet and works to tone and refresh.  Also it is a great preparation for a pumice rub to remove excess skin.  Try it - I think you'll like it.


How to use Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask

We have been receiving lots of requests regarding "How to use Ghassoul Clay". So we decided to prepare a brief "how to guide". In two pages it shows exactly how to use this wonderfully detoxifying and deep cleaning clay from the Atlas Mountains.   The process is so simple and I believe much better than all those pre-prepared masks you get in tubes or jars.  Why - because they contain so many additives, preservatives etc. to keep it from going bad.  Ours will never go bad because it is pure clay - nothing else!  You can keep it for a million years if you avoid contact with any moisture.

Simply mix a small amount of clay with water and apply a smooth layer.    Your face will feel tingly as the Ghassoul clay is drawing out all the impurities and toxins from your skin.  Before allowing it to completely dry rinse with warm water.  Others will tell you to dry completely, but I find it too hard to remove and potentially irritates the skin unnecessarily.

Once rinsed…

The Benefits of Castile Soap, particularly Moroccan Black Soap

Zakia's Morocco Argan Oil Beauty Products is proud to be associated with the Bay Area's premier spa experience: Spa Dhara where you can restore the sense of self and ease the mind.

Their team of world-class professionals, services, products, and facility will transport you to a world of relaxation, results, and wellness using natural and organic treatments, carefully selected from around the globe. It is not just an indulgence retreat that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its d├ęcor and services, but it assists in redefining lifestyles to include the well-known traditional Indian wellness regimes of Ayurveda, combined with best of International Wellness Experiences to bring about the union of mind, body, and soul.

Spa Dhara offers an extensive menu of over 55 body and beauty treatments, integrating the traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda and Turkish/Moroccan body treatments with the contemporary Western Spa approach. The spa experience strives to achieve th…

La Mamounia - Marrakesh Morocco- A great Hammam experience

For all of you wanting the ultimate Hamman experience then you should try the La Mamounia, in Marrakesh Morocco. This is the quintessential elegance of Morocco and has been the place to go for over 50 years for presidents, celebrities and the like from the world over. But, I digress...lets read what the British Telegraph reporter found on her visit to their luxurious Spa Hammam:

"The spa The weary winter traveller to La Mamounia finds an oasis, not just a spa. The famous hotel, Winston Churchill’s favourite retreat, is an opulent Arabian Nights palace where marble fountains tinkle in inner courtyards and carved wooden archways conceal velvet-seated nooks. The hotel has just had a major facelift, and the newly extended spa (2,500sq m) boasts a large indoor pool and candlelit chambers, delightfully perfumed by the hotel’s signature scent, created especially by Olivia Giacobetti, one of the world’s great “noses”.

The symptoms After an important work contract had fallen through, an…

Why Your Skin Needs Moisturizers and Moisturizing Soap